Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Beers of Summer / Vermillion

Looking for something to do on Thursday night? Swing by Vermillion from 6-8pm for the release of Paper Object's latest folio project, The Beers of Summer. My beer can (+ Diet Coke, Redbull) drawings are paired with lovely/sweet/sad poems by Sarah Galvin

This past September, just as summer was winding down, I began to notice glint-y discarded beer cans throughout the city. The beers of summer: I have no idea who drank them, who discarded them, or what kind of a summer they had but they reminded me of the all the endless hours I spent in the lake, drinking Rainiers with friends, watching cute fellas jump off the dock. 

It's free and open to all ages. Afterward, make it a literary 2fer and head over to Salon with the amazing Rebecca Brown. 


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