Monday, February 25, 2013

Salon Revisited / Hedreen Gallery

Posters for Salon #3 Ryan Mitchell / Saint Genet by NKO
Amanda Manitach, curator of Hedreen Gallery, invited me to resurrect the Salon Series from when I was artist in residence at SU back in 2009. It's been lots of fun to get groups of folks together. Tonight, we're hosting Ryan Mitchell / Saint Genet. for a salon of ... uh ... well, we're not really sure what. One thing's for certain, it will be an interesting spin on the idea of community that we've been discussing/celebrating. I can't wait! 

Alex Berry documents Greg Lundgren / Salon # 2
Greg Lundgren was our last guest and I'm pretty sure his discussion, "Everything is just fine: a conversation about art and ambition in Seattle.", could have went on for several more hours, if not all night. I walked away feeling optimistic about what's happening now and what's going to  be happening in Seattle's future. 

Salon #1 / Joey + Amanda resurrect Masterpiece
(Jayson, Harold, Rachel, Joey, Margie & Tim in background)
To kick off the series, Amanda and I resurrected Matt Offenbacher's wonderful Salon where we all played the 1970s game about collecting art, Masterpiece. Just like Matt, we created a localized version with Seattle artists. The increased crowd size made for a spirited iteration.

To round out the series, Klara Glosova and her sons Sidney and Blake, will present Play Indoors  Salon on Saturday, March 2nd from noon to 1:30. Thanks to Amanda and Seattle University, Greg L, and everyone who's been coming! They've been lots of fun. 

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