Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Beers of Summer / Vermillion

Looking for something to do on Thursday night? Swing by Vermillion from 6-8pm for the release of Paper Object's latest folio project, The Beers of Summer. My beer can (+ Diet Coke, Redbull) drawings are paired with lovely/sweet/sad poems by Sarah Galvin

This past September, just as summer was winding down, I began to notice glint-y discarded beer cans throughout the city. The beers of summer: I have no idea who drank them, who discarded them, or what kind of a summer they had but they reminded me of the all the endless hours I spent in the lake, drinking Rainiers with friends, watching cute fellas jump off the dock. 

It's free and open to all ages. Afterward, make it a literary 2fer and head over to Salon with the amazing Rebecca Brown. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jenny Heishman / South Lake Union

Woodpile by Jenny Heishman, photo by Spike Mafford

I love Jenny Heishman's latest sculpture, Woodpile. It was another commission by Vulcan Real Estate and you can find it on the southwest corner of Boren & Thomas, down in South Lake Union. It's a nice complement to her previous SLU piece, Cabin Corners (corner of Boren Ave N & Republican). Here's a map of other pieces down in the neighborhood, in case you wanted to make an afternoon of art-viewing. 

Woodpile by Jenny Heishman,
photo by Spike Mafford

"Heishman uses references to the history of Seattle in the three public works (two in South Lake Union and one in Fremont) she has built in her adopted hometown. For this latest piece, in addition to celebrating a colloquial sculptural form, she imagines a pile-up of logs, rolling rather than skidding down Boren on their way to the sawmills along the south end of the lake."

Monday, February 25, 2013

Salon Revisited / Hedreen Gallery

Posters for Salon #3 Ryan Mitchell / Saint Genet by NKO
Amanda Manitach, curator of Hedreen Gallery, invited me to resurrect the Salon Series from when I was artist in residence at SU back in 2009. It's been lots of fun to get groups of folks together. Tonight, we're hosting Ryan Mitchell / Saint Genet. for a salon of ... uh ... well, we're not really sure what. One thing's for certain, it will be an interesting spin on the idea of community that we've been discussing/celebrating. I can't wait! 

Alex Berry documents Greg Lundgren / Salon # 2
Greg Lundgren was our last guest and I'm pretty sure his discussion, "Everything is just fine: a conversation about art and ambition in Seattle.", could have went on for several more hours, if not all night. I walked away feeling optimistic about what's happening now and what's going to  be happening in Seattle's future. 

Salon #1 / Joey + Amanda resurrect Masterpiece
(Jayson, Harold, Rachel, Joey, Margie & Tim in background)
To kick off the series, Amanda and I resurrected Matt Offenbacher's wonderful Salon where we all played the 1970s game about collecting art, Masterpiece. Just like Matt, we created a localized version with Seattle artists. The increased crowd size made for a spirited iteration.

To round out the series, Klara Glosova and her sons Sidney and Blake, will present Play Indoors  Salon on Saturday, March 2nd from noon to 1:30. Thanks to Amanda and Seattle University, Greg L, and everyone who's been coming! They've been lots of fun.