Monday, November 5, 2012

Patty Grazini / Curtis Steiner Gallery

This Saturday, Curtis Steiner Gallery will be showing a new body of Patty Grazini's highly detailed paper works (all of the work is made of paper, ephemera that she gathers on her travels). 
Deeply inspired by Paper and Historical research, Patty’s most recent work draws from the life and cultural setting of Elizabeth Lyska, a Russian giantess who became famous in the late 1880s. With historical accuracy and painstaking detail rendered entirely out of paper, Patty invites the viewer to explore the life of this uncommon celebrity.
by Patty Grazini
The centerpiece of the show is a 7'2" (life-sized) paper recreation of Elizabeth.
Life of a Giantess by Patty Grazini
November 10, reception at 7pm
Curtis Steiner Gallery
5349 Ballard Avenue NW

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