Thursday, November 8, 2012

Equality cake / Cupcake Royale

Image by Tracey Salazar

Holy cow! Marriage equality  has passed (or it's close enough that smart folks can safely predict it will pass) in Washington. As a gay man in my 20s, this day never seemed possible.  It's a hugely validating thing to finally be viewed as an equal. Like many gay men, I carry a lot of internalized gay shame but this is a huge step is resolving that. Thank you to every one who voted, phonebanked, canvased, or supported Ref. 74.

My dear pal Jody Hall wants to thank all of you this Friday with a free slice of equality cake. Stop by the Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill this Friday at 3pm for your free slice of the world's largest rainbow cake shaped like Washington.. This is my favorite cake in the world (and the first one they made was for my 40th birthday this year)!!
"I was so hoping that Ref 74 would pass. I really want my son Truman to be able to say that his parents are  married. It matters.” - Jody Hall