Friday, November 2, 2012

Affordable Art Fair Seattle

One thing about Seattle is that we sure do like our art to be affordable. While I'm optimistic that one day all of our billionaires (and even thousandaires) will become big-time collectors of local art, drive all of our prices up and Seattle will become the land of milk and honey for artists, it could be a while 'til that happens. So in the mean time, let's celebrate the fact that you can find amazing art in this town at great prices. 

We Were Made to Cross That Line, 2011, Susanna Bluhm
oil and acrylic on canvas, 40" x 40"

Next weekend, Seattle will be hosting Affordable Art Fair, a 4 day extravaganza of art and activities all housed in one location. And while the idea of what's "affordable" varies from city to city, their benchmark for exhibitors is that at least 50% of all work has to be under $5,000. Did that make you gulp a bit? Well, don't worry, remember this is Seattle so most galleries are going to have tons of work well below that. Even if you don't buy, it's kind of luxurious to have an art fair in Seattle where you can spend the day in one location looking at art trucked in from throughout the region.

Openwork Vase, 2012, by Nicholas Nyland
glazed earthenware, 20x14x13 inches

I asked Affordable Art Fair Seattle Director Jennifer Jacobs what sets Seattle apart from the the AAF events in other cities. 
Seattle has always been known as a center of innovation and creativity, and artistically, quite unique in our aesthetic approach to the world around us. We were thrilled to develop an Affordable Art Fair in Seattle that is uniquely Northwest – through the representation of galleries, programming and installations.
With over 50 exhibitors (folks like SEASON, PDX Contemporary, Blindfold Gallery, Platform Gallery), you're sure to find a ton of art that you're going to want to take home. I'd start at Prole Drift and snatch up these works by Susanna and Nicholas. Are you a first time fair-goer and not sure what to expect? Here's a handy guide for newbies.

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Affordable Art Fair Seattle
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Thursday, Nov 8 - Sunday, Nov 11
Full details and admission prices can be found here.

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