Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kimberly Trowbridge's MASSIVE Studio Sale!

My dear friend Kimberly Trowbridge will clearing out her massive inventory of hundreds of works. If you want a Kimberly Trowbridge, there's never been a better time to get one! I've been a huge fan since first becoming aware of her work back in 2009. She's always pushing, pushing, pushing and it shows!

Kimberly frequently works large, so if you want to snap up some hefty paintings with paltry price tags, she's ready for you.
This is THE sale of the year, and NOT TO BE MISSED. A MASSIVE collection of paintings, drawings, and collages for sale, and VERY AFFORDABLE.

I have been hoarding my own work now for over 10 years, and I am FINALLY ready for YOU to have them all !! This will be a kind-of ten-year retrospective event for me, and the beginning of a new chapter.

Come flip though the HUNDREDS of works that line my walls, and make your selections! EVERYTHING GOES!!

There will be MANY works in the $50, $100, $200 range as well!!

Kimberly Trowbridge's Massive Studio Sale
Sunday, December 2nd
noon to 6pm

10420 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98168

Look for the Tall Green Hedge: 10420, park on the street or pull down the driveway, and park near the garage/ studio. Indigo colored studio facade.

Friday, November 23, 2012

buy local: a few studio sales

Connotation No. 29, 2012, by Shaun Kardinal
hand-embroidered paper collage, 11" x 11"
image via artist

There's a big push to buy local this year (always a great idea!)...Here are a couple of artists who are currently having sales, in case you're itching to spend money!

Shaun Kardinal's lovely embroidered postcards/paper collages are 15% off through Monday (DARKDAYS discount code). Check out available works here

Feldspar, 2012, by Ryan Molenkamp
archival giclee  print on paper, approx 15" x 15"
9 remaining out of edition of 20

Ryan Molenkamp is selling his prints of Devil's Tower, inspired by his Jentel Residency. $75 for the bigger ones and only $40 for the small ones. 

Joey Bates is having a studio sale of his intricate paper cuts, drawings and paintings. Going back seven years, there's lots of great pieces ranging from $40-$600.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Art

nail by Izzie Klingel

1-3:30pm today
Henry Art Gallery
Izzie Klingel's Psychic Nail Parlour
$5 nail

Need a new look for your hand? Get psychedelic this afternoon at Izzie Klingel's Psychic Nail Parlour, as part of the pop-up shop at The Henry.

by Ollie Glatzer  / photo by LxWxH

Tonight from 6-9pm
LxWxH(OS) - Open Spaces

Launch party for the "November issue of LxWxH (xOS) -"OpenSpaces". This issue of LxWxH is a collection of serene architecture, cantilevered landscapes, and cut-to-the-heart poetry; featuring original work by Serrah Russell, Ollie Glatzer, and hand-bound chap books by writer Alex Filson."

Mark Tobey's Eskimo Mask by Helmi Dagmar Juvonen
linocut with added color, 1954
image via Davidson Galleries

2pm Sunday
Frye Art Museum
lecture by Deputy Director Scott Lawrimore

Tucked away in the back corner of the Frye is a beautiful show about Northwest artist Helmi Junvonen. It (and many other things) will be discussed Sunday afternoon by Scott Lawrimore. 
Helmi Juvonen: Dispatches to You (R.S.V.P.)  is a love letter back to an exceptional artist devoted to her art and correspondence with friends and loves. It is also a response from a museum committed to finding fresh perspectives and contemporary relevance in its historical collection.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite Art Projects / Henry Art Gallery

The Henry is opening up a fun, Northwest-y pop-up store tomorrow. It's full of beautiful handmade items by artists such as Mandy Greer, Nicholas Nyland, Eric Eley, Tony Sonnenberg, Izzie & Christian, Paul Komada, Robert Peterson, Curtis Steiner, myself, and more!

I love Curtis Steiner's Mitchell-bandanas. Robert Peterson's beaded baskets are gorgeous!

Izzie Klingels and Christian Peterson collaborated on a really cool, glow-in-the-dark Mt. Rainier print. Nicholas Nyland has some great candlestick holders.

Tony Sonnenberg and Nicholas Nyland are selling beautiful ceramic pieces. Paul Komada has a cool knit object. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you give holiday presents, you should definitely shop here first! And if you're feeling cold, buy my quilt! It's the first finished one I've done. 

The front side of the quilt is all business! A love letter to The Great Northwest. Forests full of owls, hirsute lumberjacks, secret compartments, bears, flannels, and more. 

The B-side of the quilt is all party!
I've heard the official launch is tomorrow. There's going to be an online site, too, for those of you who don't live in Seattle. Like Favorite Art Projects on Facebook to keep up-to-date on fun additions to the store.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nicholas Nyland / Art in America

photo by Nicholas Nyland

Oh dang it - I meant to post this days ago. A hearty congrats to Nicholas Nyland on his recent review in Art in America. I loved this show at Prole Drift and I'm glad to see it getting some love. Also, here's a recent interview here did with Elise Richman for The Studio Visit. 

photo by Nicholas Nyland

Friday, November 9, 2012

Win free art from Artsyo!

Portal, Lyano by Juan Alonso-Rodriguez
Photograph, 11" x 14" (matted to 16" x 20")

Lots of you already know about this great, new online site to buy local art but for those of you who don't, I'd like to introduce you to Artsyo. Co-founded by Sarah Brooks and Stella Laurenzo, Artsyo's simple goal is to make " easy to find, enjoy and purchase art in & around your neighborhood." How great is that?

Connotation No. 38 by Shaun Kardinal
Mixed media, hand-embroidered paper collage
14" x 14" framed

Understanding that folks purchase art for many reasons--such as color, size, shape, price, media--they've developed a robust search function to quickly focus in on exactly what you want. Looking for a red painting shaped like a rectangle that's under $500? Okay, here you are.

To spread the great word about Artsyo, they're holding a cool contest but you have to enter by November 29th.
"The winner of the contest gets to choose any piece of original art worth up to $500 on Artsyo. We’ll buy it, frame it, and show up at your door for a little art-hanging party (kind of like the barn-raising parties of olden times, but classier and not as physically strenuous)."
To enter, you have two do 2 things: 
  1. Like Artsyo on Facebook
  2. Take a picture of your saddest wall and email it to by November 29th. Don’t forget to include a tear-jerking story (50 words or less) about why your wall needs art, and needs it bad.
Spooning for American, Grego Rachko
oil painting, 18" x 14"

But if you enter before next Friday (Nov 16), you'll be entered into a totally random drawing where one person will win a free piece of art valued at under $100. Pick from any of these works

Carbon Copy by Serrah Russell
Oil on found photograph, 8" x 8"

Even if you don't enter the contest, I'd recommend liking them on Facebook because they have lots of exciting things in the works. Also, holidays are coming up and if you're gonna buy stuff, why not buy local art?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Equality cake / Cupcake Royale

Image by Tracey Salazar

Holy cow! Marriage equality  has passed (or it's close enough that smart folks can safely predict it will pass) in Washington. As a gay man in my 20s, this day never seemed possible.  It's a hugely validating thing to finally be viewed as an equal. Like many gay men, I carry a lot of internalized gay shame but this is a huge step is resolving that. Thank you to every one who voted, phonebanked, canvased, or supported Ref. 74.

My dear pal Jody Hall wants to thank all of you this Friday with a free slice of equality cake. Stop by the Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill this Friday at 3pm for your free slice of the world's largest rainbow cake shaped like Washington.. This is my favorite cake in the world (and the first one they made was for my 40th birthday this year)!!
"I was so hoping that Ref 74 would pass. I really want my son Truman to be able to say that his parents are  married. It matters.” - Jody Hall

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Light Therapy / True Love Art Gallery

If you're out and about for Blitz this Thursday, please swing by True Love Art Gallery. Chris Buening and I will be showing new work there in our show Light Therapy. True Love always has great receptions and this one will going on from 6-10. 

A day without lesbians is like a day without sunshine, 2012
colored pencil on archival paper

It's been kind of a rough year for both of us so we wanted a show that acknowledged that but didn't dwell on it. I think it's going to be a great show. I'll be showing new fabric drawings and debuting my camouflage ghosts.

Blue Bear, 2012
colored pencil on archival paper

Light Therapy / True Love Art Gallery
1525 Summit Avenue (between Pike & Pine)
Opening reception: Thursday, November 8

Monday, November 5, 2012

Patty Grazini / Curtis Steiner Gallery

This Saturday, Curtis Steiner Gallery will be showing a new body of Patty Grazini's highly detailed paper works (all of the work is made of paper, ephemera that she gathers on her travels). 
Deeply inspired by Paper and Historical research, Patty’s most recent work draws from the life and cultural setting of Elizabeth Lyska, a Russian giantess who became famous in the late 1880s. With historical accuracy and painstaking detail rendered entirely out of paper, Patty invites the viewer to explore the life of this uncommon celebrity.
by Patty Grazini
The centerpiece of the show is a 7'2" (life-sized) paper recreation of Elizabeth.
Life of a Giantess by Patty Grazini
November 10, reception at 7pm
Curtis Steiner Gallery
5349 Ballard Avenue NW

Friday, November 2, 2012

Affordable Art Fair Seattle

One thing about Seattle is that we sure do like our art to be affordable. While I'm optimistic that one day all of our billionaires (and even thousandaires) will become big-time collectors of local art, drive all of our prices up and Seattle will become the land of milk and honey for artists, it could be a while 'til that happens. So in the mean time, let's celebrate the fact that you can find amazing art in this town at great prices. 

We Were Made to Cross That Line, 2011, Susanna Bluhm
oil and acrylic on canvas, 40" x 40"

Next weekend, Seattle will be hosting Affordable Art Fair, a 4 day extravaganza of art and activities all housed in one location. And while the idea of what's "affordable" varies from city to city, their benchmark for exhibitors is that at least 50% of all work has to be under $5,000. Did that make you gulp a bit? Well, don't worry, remember this is Seattle so most galleries are going to have tons of work well below that. Even if you don't buy, it's kind of luxurious to have an art fair in Seattle where you can spend the day in one location looking at art trucked in from throughout the region.

Openwork Vase, 2012, by Nicholas Nyland
glazed earthenware, 20x14x13 inches

I asked Affordable Art Fair Seattle Director Jennifer Jacobs what sets Seattle apart from the the AAF events in other cities. 
Seattle has always been known as a center of innovation and creativity, and artistically, quite unique in our aesthetic approach to the world around us. We were thrilled to develop an Affordable Art Fair in Seattle that is uniquely Northwest – through the representation of galleries, programming and installations.
With over 50 exhibitors (folks like SEASON, PDX Contemporary, Blindfold Gallery, Platform Gallery), you're sure to find a ton of art that you're going to want to take home. I'd start at Prole Drift and snatch up these works by Susanna and Nicholas. Are you a first time fair-goer and not sure what to expect? Here's a handy guide for newbies.

# # #

Affordable Art Fair Seattle
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Thursday, Nov 8 - Sunday, Nov 11
Full details and admission prices can be found here.