Monday, October 29, 2012

The rug pulled out from underneath; you lie on the floor / Hedreen Gallery

This certainly seems like one of the more thoughtful responses to SAM's Elles exhibition. Built on a premise that the notion of femininity is a gesture that lives outside of gender, curators Shaw Osha and Dawn Cerny have put together a really interesting show that doesn't claim to have all the answers. Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 30), they'll be hosting an introductory discussion around the show. I think panelist Hanneline Rogeberg had to cancel due to the storm, but it promises to be a very interesting talk.
"To risk is to perform the boundary (latin resicum: cliff); risk embodies the gap between intention and interpretation. Consisting of artworks that concern, among other things, the figure, emotion and the unnameable, The rug pulled out from underneath; you lie on the floor aims to transfer the question of gender from the artist's body to the artwork, where it is not the female but the feminine gesture that is taken up as a risky site. Can we have presence without clarity? Are passivity and detachment as courageous as they are timorous? What is the relationship between pathos, empathy and beauty? Can a work insist we suspend judgment and what happens if we can't or won't obey?"
Participating artists include Deb Baxter, Gretchen Bennett, Jared Buckhiester, Dawn Cerny, Dahlia Elsayed, Wynne Greenwood, Jenny Heishman, Tuomas Korpijaakk, Dani Leventhal, Matthew Offenbacher, Shaw Osha, and Hanneline Røgeberg. The show will include video, photography, painting and some supplemental print material (including a special edition of La Norda Specialo).

Tuesday, October 30 from 5-8pm at Hedreen Gallery

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