Wednesday, October 31, 2012

American Hipster Presents / Seattle

In a world full of interesting people, I think my least favorite might just be the ones who still say, "I don't even own a tv!", as if they're so beyond it. There's not much tooth in that, especially since so many folks get most of their content from the internet. Case in point, American Hipster Presents is a great program of exclusive content created for specifically for YouTube. At its core, this series, " a collection of earnest portraits of creative people talking about and demonstrating their passions." in various cities through the U.S. such as Detroit, NYC, San Francisco, Austin and others. Typically filmed in a day by Seedwell, each episode is roughly 7 minutes long. 

I'm actually happy to hear that someone is reclaiming the word hipster. As co-founder Peter Furia says, "“We acknowledge that hipster has become a loaded—even pejorative—term, but we think that beyond the negative connotations and imagery, there is something there, namely groups of like-minded, creative and passionate people who are becoming tastemakers in many different segments of society.”

installation of KeseyPollock's fiberglass lamps
image by Bob Hallinen, The Anchorage Daily News

Last week, they launched American Hipster Presents Seattle, which focuses on five different people, places or things right here in our fair city. They started with a great profile on Rachel Marshall and her product Rachel's Ginger Beer (yum)! On Monday, they premiered a great episode on the buzz-worth art duo, KeseyPollock and their melting bodies. New episodes are released on Mondays. Next up, profiles on Linda Derschang, Marian Built, and the Bumbershoot programming team. 

Also, if you love the work that KeseyPollock are doing, you can help fund their current Kickstarter.

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