Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturday Sketches / Olympic Sculpture Park

image courtesy of lisbeth c.

SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park tends to double its awesomeness during the summer. Outside of great temporary exhibits (pared down to just one this year, Sarah Bergman's Pollinator Pathway), they're always having fun events like their recent fundraiser. But even better is all the free programming they offer during summer. 

One new free thing they added this year is Saturday Sketches. Jeffry Mitchell and I will be kicking off the series tomorrow from 11am-1pm. We'll be starting in the PACCAR Pavilion to do a quick introduction and go over a few basic drawing exercises. After that, one of us will take all the folks who already know how to draw down to Calder's Eagle where we'll sit and struggle to represent OSP's mascot. Folks who want a little more practice on their drawing skills can stay inside the pavilion where one of us will be stationed to give feedback on your masterpieces. SAM will be providing pads of paper, pencils and erasers, but if you want to work with any other materials, bring your own. 

It should be a super fun day! If you can't get down tomorrow, we'll also be sketching next Saturday, and August 4th. Other Saturday Sketches will be lead by Joe Park, Julie Alpert and Sharon Arnold and each instructor is creating their own programming. 

And if you don't like to draw, show up for their wildly popular yoga class at 10:30am. Or maybe you want hit the Zumba class at 2pm after you're done drawing. 

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