Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Re] Current / Greg Kucera Gallery

EMPRESS OF INDIA, 1968, by Frank Stella
image via Greg Kucera Gallery
Back in 1967, Virginia Wright opened up a modest-sized gallery off of Occidental Mall called Current Editions. As the name implied, this gallery featured current prints from well-known artists working at studios like ULAE in NYC.

STRUCTURE (spit-bite grid), 2007, by Margie Livingston
image via Greg Kucera Gallery
Greg Kucera Gallery is currently exhibiting prints from Current Editions affiliated artists like Rauschenberg and Stella, along with local artists like Jeffrey Simmons and Mark Calderon. Today at noon, Virginia Wright will do a walk-through the exhibition with Greg. 

Virginia Wright and Greg Kucera
image by Robert Wade
Updated...Robert Wade posted some pictures of the walk-through on his blog, 'Round About Seattle. 

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