Thursday, June 28, 2012

Speed Dating / The Project Room

People gather
If you follow me on twitter (@joeyveltkamp), you might have noticed me tweeting a lot of random things last night like, " 'Were you trained as a dancer or did you kill a dancer and take her place?' - Ethan & Amy #10art10tech." It was part of a really fun and interesting event called Art & Technology: Speed Dating (Event #1) created by Susie Lee (artist) and Hsu-Ken Ooi (founder of in partnership with the Project Room.

Jess and Susie explain the evening.
The premise of the evening was to get artists and technologists in the same room to foster new ways of solving problems. There were 10 artists, 10 technologists and 10 chaperones participating in 6 minute "speed dates". Chaperones were there to prompt discussion and live-tweet memorable discussion points. It was a pretty spectacular room full of people. I had interesting discussions with folks who are working on projects like a water filtration system and new sanitation technology for developing countries.

Here's a list of participants and if you're interested in reading the evening's tweets, check them out here #10art10tech. There will be an event on July 11 ("dinner and a movie") which will be open to the public so save the date.

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