Saturday, June 30, 2012

SAM Set the Table recap

with Jennifer and Matthew Offenbacher
Last night was Seattle Art Museum's annual fundraiser, Set the Table for SAM. It's always such a fun event (I think the free alcohol helps!). This year, instead of doing a solo table, Jeffry Mitchell and I collaborated and did a double table (24 guests). The event itself got way bigger and I think there were almost 50 tables this year!

our table
For our table, we decided to abandon our signature styles (but stuck with our favorite materials of clay and drawing) and focus on Austrian artist/designer Dagobert Peche
"Contradiction, playfulness, even irritation-Peche offered all of these as an alternative to purely utilitarian solutions. Garden sculptures made of sheet metal; jewelry boxes in the shape of cardboard pyramids; ceramics that look as though they were made of folded paper-such freedom was a rejection of the idea that the decorative arts should always be practical and conform with the materials from which they are made. Peche developed ideas of interior decoration that owed a great deal to Roman Catholic traditions, and very little to Anglo-American pragmatism. His oeuvre is also informed by the ideal of the gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art." via
our table
It was also Ann Wykoff's 85th birthday (a key player in getting OSP built) and she selected our table to host her celebration so it was an especially festive evening. Also, a huge out shout-out to  our "studio assistant" Tony Sonnenberg who does amazing things with clay and is really fun to hang out with all day making ceramics. 

our table

a tablecloth panel
For our tablecloth, we each drew 3d artworks by Peche and then created a digital tablecloth that extended our black & white motif. 

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