Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All That Glitters / Anthony Sonnenberg

All That Glitters by Anthony Sonnenberg

One of my favorite art shows of the year opens up soon at Henry Art Gallery: the 2012 University of Washington MFA Thesis Exhibition

I feel like some of this year's graduates are already pretty embedded in Seattle's arts community. One of them is Anthony Sonnenberg. He's been doing performances as Captain Dirty Bear at NEPO House 5k, SAM, and the streets of Pioneer Squre; glitterbombing unsuspecting tourists and galleries alike.

Tonight, the CMA will be hosting his solo MFA exhibition, All That Glitters. [Every time I read that title, Le Tigre's "The The Empty" starts playing in my head.] The party/exhibition starts at 6 and goes til 9pm. Tony promises 2 kegs, oven-baked pizza, volleyball, and a dance party!

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