Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alexander Mouton / Passing Through

You might not know his name yet, but Alexander Mouton is definitely someone you should get to know. He's been in Seattle a couple of years but is just now starting to get to engage with the local art community. "Alexander explores the potential that new technology has for bringing visual and sound arts together for interactive and immersive works both online and in physical spaces." Mouton is a Fulbright Scholar and his work has been collected by MoMA.

This Thursday (May 10), he'll be presenting/performing new work called Passing Through, which will explore "...the memory of place and the experience of time as shaped by the heightened sense of perception that accompanies travel."
"The audience is invited into a space that involves the unique combination of historical and contemporary texts, from fictional and theoretical writings, which are brought together with soundscapes, images, and video from diverse eras (1990-2012) and geographic locations (Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the USA). Alexander imparts in his audience a sense of place and a particular state of mind, with the ensuing shifts in perspective causing reflection on one’s sense of perception and traditional notions of a fixed reality. Tony Hiss writes, “the present is more porous than it may appear, and there are outposts of the future in our midst, and passageways that lead back and forth”. Passing Through employs its diverse media in varying tempos and states of clarity to emulate real-time, dream-time, and hyper-time, simultaneously reflecting on the media being used and the global climate of our contemporary times."
Passing Through
Thursday, May 10th
performances at 8, 9, and 10pm
Gallery 1412

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