Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wynne Greenwood / Peace in

Head #2 with Pillar, 2012, by Wynne Greenwood
Painted ceramic, dyed fabric, thread and foam
(image via Lawrimore Project)

I keep coming back to these multi-faceted busts by Wynne Greenwood, currently on display at Lawrimore Project. The expression on Head #2 is haunting.
Inscrutable ceramic heads rest on soft pedestals listening. Heads with multiple faces and expressions complicate the tradition of honoring individuals through busts. Are these heads different representations of the same individual or several individuals? A depiction of one’s experience or many people’s? Are these chimerical figures imagining moments when the individual becomes the collective? This scene explores the creation and experience of personality, character and role -- traits that engender the edges of a personal civilization. - via
A Fire To Keep Your Warm, Limited Edition Record Cover, 2012
(image via Lawrimore Project)

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