Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jeffry Mitchell / Ambach & Rice

I sure wish I was in Los Angeles today for the opening of Jeffry Mitchell's latest show Shamrock Edelweiss Seaweed. This will be Jeff's first solo show with Ambach and Rice and the work is amazing. 
The three largest works are comprised of stacked pots encumbered by drooping chains, protruding fists, flowers and beads. The clustered entropic surfaces of these precarious totems evoke exuberance and ambivalence, fertility and impotence. Flowers, which are pervasive throughout the exhibit, have been a recurrent motif throughout Mitchell's career. The most persistent iterations are the lotus pod, (a Buddhist symbol of faith and creativity) the dogwood blossom (a symbol of the Crucifixion and a nod to the artist's Catholic upbringing) and an imaginary five-petal flower found in Disney's Bambi. Throughout Mitchell’s work emblems of innocence and loss nullify one another's supremacy to exude a pathos and humility grounded in altruism. - via

If you're in L.A., don't miss it! The show will be up through May 12.

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