Saturday, April 7, 2012


Untitled (One day this kid...), 1990, David Wojnarowicz

As you already know by now, HIDE/SEEK has come to the Northwest. The exhibition became infamous last year when David Wojnarowicz' video A Fire in My Belly was removed from the National Portrait Gallery for the dubious reasons that the gays were trying to ruin Christmas. There haven't been any major dust-ups in Tacoma, at least none I've heard of. I can't recommend this show enough and it's a huge deal that we are one of three stops (D.C., Brooklyn, Tacoma). Last week, Jen Graves took Jeffry Mitchell and I down to Tacoma Art Museum to check it out. You can read about our gay romp here.

Ghosts (seeking comfort), 2012, by Joey Veltkamp

To extend the reach of the show, four local gallery owners have organized an exhibition called Under the Rainbow: Images By and About Gay Men and Woman.
"In a cooperative effort to support the Tacoma Art Museumʼs current exhibition Hide/Seek, four Seattle gallery owners have curated an exhibit from their own personal collections, gallery inventories, and the private collections of their clients. Gail Gibson (G. Gibson Gallery), James Harris (James Harris Gallery), Greg Kucera (Greg Kucera Gallery) and Stephen Lyons (Platform Gallery) bring together this complimentary exhibit of artwork by gay artists." via
I'm honored to be included in such an exhibition with some of my favorite peers (Jeffry Mitchell, Steven Miller, Chris Buening, Molly Landreth, Jonah Sampson, Rafael Soldi) and legends like David Wojnarowicz, Annie Liebowitz, David Hockney, Tom of Finland.

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Joey_Veltkamp said...

I need an editor! I do multiple revisions frequently...I don't think Jonah Sampson is my peer! He's definitely a legend! LOL.