Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rapid Fire Art History / Cornish

I sure wish I was in town for this presentation tomorrow (Wed, 3/7). As part of their Sustenance series, Cornish College of the Arts will be presenting a lunch time discussion that breaks down the past few thousand years of art in a matter of minutes. Moderated by Sharon Arnold, the Rapid Fire Art History: What We Know vs. What We Make panel consists of Jim Demetre, Amanda Manitach, Stephen Sewell, and Rodrigo Valenzuela. 
In this fast-paced presentation, four guests will wrap up several thousand years of history in 3-5 minute segments. Ranging from the Ancient Greeks to today, this rapid-fire survey will demonstrate a potentially unfair and heavily interpreted version of art history from a personal perspective; possibly with an element of fiction. Join us in discovering a more unconventional take on art history, and participate in a discussion about how art history affects art practice- is it relevant, is it nonsense, what does too much knowledge of art history lead to, should/can we avoid it, and more!
While you're there, you should pop downstairs to the Main Gallery and check out Jon Gierlich's exhibition.

Cornish College of the Arts, 7th floor board room
Wednesday, March 7, 12:15 - 1:15
Free and open to the public.

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