Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pots and other things / Cupcake Royale

photo by Amanda Manitach
There was a lonely little shelf (well, not so little, it's 6' long) at Cupcake Royale that was just screaming out for a tiny NCECA exhibit this month. Jeffry Mitchell and I had talked about asking Pony if we could do a mini-show there but we never got around to it. 

photo by Amanda Manitach
One night, post-happy hour, I came home and thought about that lonely little shelf and sent out an email to Amanda Manitach, Gretchen Bennett, Jeffry Mitchell, Jeffrey McGrath, Klara Glosova, Matthew Offenbacher, Nicholas Nyland, Saya Moriyasu, Susanna Bluhm, and Tony Sonnenberg.

photo by Amanda Manitach
Some are known for their ceramics, some of us are dabblers, and at least one of us hadn't ever made work in ceramic before. It's a real sweet show that will be up all month so if you're around the hill, please check it out. Thanks to Jody Hall for loaning us the shelf and thanks to all the artists for saying yes.  

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harold hollingsworth said...

love it!

~ Prost from Berlin!