Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the studio

I've been out of town for a few days on what I'm calling a Blanket Residency. I've been trying to get a few more blankets made and figured I'd share a bit of the process. I'm not really a fan of over-exposing the art-making process because I think it's better when you leave a little mystery but so many folks have asked about the blankets.

It's happened a few times when folks have asked me to explain the title to a piece-and after I do so, they'll say disappointedly, "Oh...I thought it was about _____." Some folks are really bummed to find out that not every one of the blanket drawings has been based on an actual blanket. Some are mine, some are borrowed, some are clothes, some are just scraps of fabric and some are patterns I saw on the internet or dreamt up. Most of them have a personal connection, story, or memory.

These are the actual blanket mounds with their associated drawings. I'm a firm believer that a piece of art is much greater than the sum of its parts (ie, some paint and a canvas). I think that what's happening in your daily life gets embedded into the art. That's why Van Gogh's flowers never look happy to me. Sometimes, the blankets will go over specific objects (ghosts, owls, other pieces of art). These latest ones have been draped over a kitschy replica of James Fraser's melancholic work, End of the Trail, which undermines their happy temperament. A lot (most?) of my art could be summed up as happy on the outside, sad underneath. 


Artsy Forager said...

Absolutely LOVE this series and enjoyed seeing this glimpse into your process!

Anonymous said...

i love the blanket drawings!

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Wow! Thanks, folks! :)

Joe said...

Happy on the outside, sad underneath is always more interesting than either emotion alone.