Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friday night!

I wish I could be at 3 places at once because I want to do all of these things on Friday.  

"Water Wood" by Betty Burgoyne at Roq La Rue Gallery

Roq La Rue is having a guest-curated show by Sharon Arnold. And while Sharon's not specifically calling it out, I'm going to go ahead and say that I think it's thrilling to have a Seattle survey of 37 female artists in a woman-owned gallery. I haven't seen any pictures, but the show should be extremely dense (and wonderful)! It's a fast one though, so make sure to see it before it's gone on April 7th. At Roq La Rue from 6-9pm. 

Sea-Cat 2 at Hedreen Gallery
Hedreen Gallery will be hosting a closing party for Sea-Cat 2. It looks like tons of stuff from both issues 1 & 2 are still available. Like Dawn Cerny's "We hate you (flag)" or Gretchen's Bennett's update on the wooden Jesus necklace, Maple Ruskin. There will be a slide show, a dramatic reading about people who buy art (!), a Q & A, tea and cookies, music and more! This will be a very sweet/fun closing party. At Hedreen Gallery from 7-9pm.

My Favorite Things at SAM
It doesn't matter how careful I read things, I typically end up misunderstanding. I was so excited to be leading a My Favorite Things Tour at Seattle Art Museum about my favorite beards (that Robert Arneson!). When I re-read the email, of course it obviously states that the tours are to be related to the Gaugin exhibition. Duh! So come see my Favorite Beards of SAM let me guide you through some highlights of the Gaugin exhibit. It's a very popular exhibit so you have to reserve tickets ahead of time for the 6:20 slot. "Free with museum admission. Be sure to purchase admission for the 6:20 pm entry to Gauguin and Polynesia to attend this tour. Tour meets at the entrance to Gauguin and Polynesia." At Seattle Art Museum from 6:30-7pm. 

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harold hollingsworth said...

looking forward to being home in April to see the show at Roq!