Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Neddy Nominees

Trojan Horse, 2010, by Jeremy Mangan, oil and acrylic on canvas
96" x 104" (diptych), image via artist

I just wrapped up my interview with Jeremy Mangan for the next issue of DRIFT when it occurred to me that I still haven't blogged about the Neddy nominees. In the Painting category, the four nominees are Jeremy Mangan, Stacey Rozich, Gala Bent, and Cynthia Camlin

"Gator Play your Records for Me", 2012, by Stacey Rozich
image via artist

And in the Open Medium category, the four nominees are James Coupe, Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo (Lead Pencil Studio), Eirik Johnson, and Susie J. Lee. All finalists were selected by a panel of individuals without a Cornish affiliation. This year's panelists were  Ken D. Allan, Stokley Towles, and Barbara Matilsky.

Contemplation in Exile, 2012, by Gala Bent, 24" x 23"
image via artist

The Neddy recipient in each category will receive a $25,000 unrestricted cash award. This year's final selector is Ian Berry, Associate Director and Malloy Curator at the Tang Museum. Congratulations/good luck to everyone!

Cascadia 13, 2010, by Cynthia Camlin, 22" x 28" framed
watercolor on paper, image via artist

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