Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Rainbow Connection opening

These little guys all lit up
"We are your friends" + first guests
"This ain't my first rodeo, fellas." with Jell-o shots in the background
Rainbow Mountain of Jell-o shots in various flavors
my instructional diagram on "how to eat a Jell-o shot"
the empties
This is a picture (by Jenny) of a lot of pretty ladies taking my picture.
I can barely figure out where to look when there's only 1 camera.
I had so much fun last night. I took a few pics before the party started but of course forgot to snap pics during. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out last night (or who thought about coming out last night or even RSVP'd! - it's all appreciated). The show will be up through the 18th (by appointment only). Thanks Klara and Scott for opening up your home...these are always so fun.

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