Monday, February 27, 2012

John T. Williams Totem Pole

John T. Williams memorial by NTG (image via)

Yesterday, a 33 foot, 5,000 pound totem pole was erected in Seattle Center to honor 7th generation master carver, John T. William. You can read more about this project here and view photos from yesterday's procession/installation here.
John T. Williams totem pole
Included in the totem are an eagle, a master carver, and the mother raven. Here's what they represent. 

The Eagle

The Eagle represents the transformation from youth to a place of courage and understanding of the connection between spirit and humans. The Eagle as carved on the John T Williams Pole is unique to the Williams family and developed by John’s father Ray 'Hombre' Williams in the ‘70s. The forward wing position indicates the Eagle has just landed and is not quite settled, as many of us walking the earth today. The Eagles head and eyes look down examining what is taking place.

The Master Carver

The Carver originally represented an ivory carver but today symbolizes the master wood carver. On the John T Williams Totem Pole the master carver is John, holding a Kingfisher, one of his favorite creatures to carve and in a style unique to him. The Kingfisher is a creature who’s hunting ability and speed is much greater than its small size would indicate.

The Mother Raven

Consistent with their First Nations heritage and upbringing, the Williams family carvers learned to listen to the wisdom of the ancestors, find peace and respect their elders. The Mother Raven stands for these teachings and helps bring them to us all.

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