Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow in Seattle

Seattle, you are ridiculous! Your continued ability to surprise and confound us with mercurial weather patterns just might be one of my favorite things about you! 48 hours ago versus today...

David Scott Little
Julia Hensley
Jesse Higman & Motzo Bozic
Emily Glassman
JT Hooker
Kimberly Trowbridge

Jim Demetre
Marie Gagnon
Bran Thorngrave
Sharon Arnold
Marlow Harris
Robert Wade
Ryan Molenkamp
Dave Sundine
Jo David
Andy Burgess
Shannon Hickman

Gregory Moon
Annabelle Allen


Unknown said...

I love all of these!! Thank God you people know how to take pictures because mine are crap.

harold hollingsworth said...

I could shoot some of Berlin, we just got snow last night as well!

karyn said...

so glad to see these since i missed the whole thing!