Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm 40!

I'm 40! Under a sweet banner by Jeffry Mitchell
If a person is measured by the friends they keep, well, let's just say I'm incredibly lucky to have the group of loving friends I have. To have you all come out last night to celebrate with me as I turn 40 was quite an honor. My only regret is that I felt like I never got to spend more than 5 minutes with any one person. I'm not very good at "working" a room.

Rainbow Babycakes by Cupcake Royale
My dear friends Emily, Holly, Jody and Kim helped me put together a super fun party at Sole Repair, one of my favorite places to have gatherings in Seattle! My buddy JT dj'd and kept the energy up all night! Thank you for repeated playings of Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin. 

My birthday cake! (This was seriously as big as a 5 gallon bucket!)
I already have everything I could ever possibly hope* for so the only thing I really wanted was a rainbow cake. My pal Jody's team of bakers (I'm looking at you, Niq!) went nuts and put together this amazing bear cake (it even included my ridiculous bear paw tattoo on top!) and 200 rainbow babycakes for the party! If I could give every human a present, it'd be the joy of cutting open a rainbow cake on your birthday!

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes or came out to party yesterday. The amount of love I felt was ridiculous! I'm so happy to be 40, so happy to live in Seattle, and so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing people! xo

*Well, maybe I didn't have everything I could ever hope for. Whitney surprised me with this awesome home-made Pabst koozie


harold hollingsworth said...

And from here in Berlin I'm wishing you a happy 40th!

Joey_Veltkamp said...

thanks mister!

Bill Finger said...

Happy Birthday!

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Thanks, Bill!