Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Censorship Day

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Pretty much anytime the ACLU and the Tea Party are in agreement, it's serious business. We live in an amazing and important time. When I graduated high school, I don't think I had even heard of the internet (and I had a Commodore 64 at age 10, so it's not like I was always a grandpa.) and now 20+ years later I can't even imagine a life before it. I mean, I know there was life before the world wide web but it just seems so...barbarous*? Unfettered access to the weird, wide web is one of my favorite things on earth. I'd hate to see it get nipped in the bud before we even get to see its full potential. Many major websites like Wordpress, Wikipedia (their first protest since they started over 10+ years ago), Reddit, Boing Boing, and Seattle's own Cheezburger network, will be going black today in protest SOPA/PIPA legislation.
Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder, justified the blackout by saying that “This is an extraordinary action for our community to take - and while we regret having to prevent the world from having access to Wikipedia for even a second, we simply cannot ignore the fact that SOPA and PIPA endanger free speech both in the United States and abroad, and set a frightening precedent of Internet censorship for the world." via
*not really barbarous, but I'm just saying--thank goodness the internet was invented! 

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