Thursday, December 8, 2011

Theaster Gates / Seattle Art Museum

records from Dr Wax

Chicago artist/public planner Theaster Gates will be giving a public talk (free with museum admission) tonight at 7:30 in SAM's Arnold Board Room about his new exhibition The Listening Room. Gates, 2011-2012 recipient of the Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Fellow, has installed 4,000 records from Chicago's defunct Dr Wax which, "...can be used to examine African-American politics through history: “When were our voices radical, when were they pacifist? Do we sing about things we can’t scream about?” A DJ will play selections in a pulpit-like station built by Gates from reclaimed materials. “The DJ is the minister of music, the albums are the choir." (via)

I especially love this part.
Each first Thursday and first Sunday of the month SAM will showcase a local DJ who will select records from the Dr. Wax collection to play. At the same time an archivist will be recording the moment for posterity, recognizing that this exact scenario of music selection and audience interaction is always unique. There will also be “listening parties” out in the community that promote dialogue and engagement with the themes in the show. (via)
The show is curated by Sandra Jackson-Dumont, SAM’s Kayla Skinner Deputy Director of Education and Public Programs and Adjunct Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. I'm so excited!


Siolo Thompson said...
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Siolo Thompson said...

'm excited about this show? event? exhibit? I really appreciate that there are people thinking about ways to use art to edify the collective soul. As an apostate I miss the moments in my youth when words like 'fellowship' and 'faith' had meaning. Art can help us find meaning, connect to others, art can make us more human and Theaster Gates is, in his own way, is making that happen. Thank you, sir.