Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Neddy at Cornish

paintings by Ned Behnke (image via Behnke Foundation)

At a party last night, it came up that there's still some confusion about the new and improved Neddy. Some folks didn't realize that it's no longer a nomination process. Instead, now any* visual artist (living and working the greater Puget Sound area) is eligible simply by completing the application. (Complete requirements *here.)

Like previous years, there will be two awards. Since Ned Behnke (the Neddy namesake) was a painter, there will continue to be an award for painting. The second award is for, "...any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts." While the program is administered by Cornish, a panel of three local arts professionals will choose the four finalists in each category. The final winners of each award will be selected by an unaffiliated selector from outside the region. Oh, and the amount for each prize? $25,000 - unrestricted!

paintings by Ned Behnke (image via Behnke Foundation)

So now Seattle has two annual awards for $25,000 (The Neddy and Arts Innovator), another annual award for $15,000 (Betty Bowen), along with a biennial (the Brink) award for $12,500. Plus many more grants through organizations like 4culture, Artist Trust and more. Thanks to everyone who makes these possible.

Applications are due February 3rd. Don't let it get lost in the holiday/new year shuffle.

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