Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gregory L. Blackstock

The North American Labrador Retriever Gundogs Complete
by Gregory Blackstock, 2009
image via Garde Rail Gallery
Gregory L. Blackstock is an enigma to me. I've always really enjoyed his inventoried drawings of things that catch his eye. I had no idea he even still lived in Seattle. I figured that after his art got so popular, he'd be living the high life in NYC. (When Comme des Garçons uses your work for their clothes, you've pretty much 'made it', right?) Instead, he still lives here in a modest apartment/studio.

The Pan American World Airways Airliners
by Gregory Blackstock, 2010
image via Garde Rail Gallery
Greg Kucera forwarded me an announcement of Gregory's current European exhibition at Collection de l’Art Brut. It's a huge deal and there's even a documentary film and monographic essay to accompany the show.

The Great World Drongos
by Gregory Blackstock, 2009
image via Garde Rail Gallery
You can read about Gregory's back story in this Stranger article by Emily Hall, written nearly 8 years ago. And congratulations to Gregory!


harold hollingsworth said...

Very very cool!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for noting that Gregory is getting more press internationally than here at home! You can still spot him playing his accordion outside Seattle events when he isn't spending 4-5 hours each day making more lists. Life is good for him these days.
Greg's cousin Dorothy

Dorothy said...
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