Monday, November 7, 2011

Logs and blogs

I always find it so interesting (but not surprising) that when I'm present and active, I always have tons of content for the blog. But when I'm distracted by other (non-art) things, it totally dries up. We're in a drought here which is a good indicator that it might be time to put the blankets down and get back out there.

The Jetty by Gretchen Bennett (image via artist)

On a related note, my current distraction is dog-sitting and I've been spending lots of time sitting on a log by the lake throwing a ball for the sweetest chocolate lab. It's such a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view of the mountain; it's slowly become my favorite place in Seattle. But I still think that it could be improved if they'd upgrade to logs by Gretchen Bennett and Jenny Heishman.

Cabin Corners by Jenny Heishman

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