Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artists promoting sleep...

Signs of a Bad Night's Sleep by Andy Arkley & Julie Alpert

What do sleeping pills and art have in common? Daylight savings time is coming to an end this weekend and Nature Made Sleep Aid has created a fun way to celebrate our hibernating season. As part of this campaign, they have invited 3 artists/artist teams to create temporary installations that address sleep.

Andy Arkley & Julie Alpert will have the above installation set up at Victor Steinbrueck Park this Thursday from 9-5. Mike Simi's The Yawn Catcher will be on-hand at U-Village from 9:30-6 today capturing people's yawns. Also tomorrow, just west of Occidental Park, Matamuros (z. bohnenkamp and A. Mong) will present their "Dreamcircle".

I think this is a really idea and I'd love to see more businesses getting this creative!