Wednesday, November 30, 2011

12th Annual Drawing Jam / Gage Academy of Art

Gage Academy of Art's 12th Annual Drawing Jam is only a few days away! If you like to draw, you've probably already purchased your ticket. Models include Sylvia O’Stayformore, Seafair Pirates, and cast members from The Schoolyand's production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Named a “must-do event” by Seattle Magazine, the Drawing Jam features free art supplies, food, dozens of models, music and three floors of space — and now the event is expanding to the Skinner Auditorium next to Gage. Dancers, musicians and performers act as gesture models, figure models pose up to an hour at a time, and costumed portrait models sit for drawing.
This all day event (9am - 9pm Saturday) is family friendly, with special studios for kids and teens. New this year is the addition of the Gage Artist Happy Hour, curated by Klara Glosova and Sierra Stinson (which had its debut at this year's City Arts Festival).

They're still looking for some more volunteers, especially evening shifts. I volunteered last year and had a great time. Plus, they'll give you drinks and a commemorative t-shirt.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slog Happy Hour / December 1st


SLOG Happy Hour is this Thursday. For the final meet-up of 2011, they're invading Diesel to host a Very Beary Holiday Happy Hour. They'll have drink specials (Grizzly Bear, Cranbeary Cocktail), a white elephant gift exchange, and "special guests"...
With Very Special Guests: Joey Veltkamp! Keith Bacon! And members of Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club including (possibly) HONEY BEAR! ALSO: A SECRET SURPRISE GUEST!GRRRRR!
It's also First Thursday with a lot of good art. Jen Graves made a list here. I'd add the AUDIO/VISUAL SHOW at interstitial theatre, Katie Stone at Greg Kucera, and the Jesse LeDoux/Robert Hardgrave collaboration at LeDouxville Space.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


found via

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about facial hair lately. It's such an odd thing but I'm sure happy to live in the Northwest where we love our beards. I happened across these colorful beard and hair!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Process Art by Danila Rumold

"Space Ritual XIX", 1957 by
Mark Tobey
sumi ink on Japanese paper
image via Willard Gallery, New York

Artist Danila Rumold has started a great new blog which focuses on her interest of Process Art. So far, she's written a few posts about artists who inspire her while connecting it back to her own work. While discussing Mark Tobey, she notes that, "There is no doubt in my mind that the Northwest is a spiritual place embodied in its mountain ranges to the east and west, its ubiquitous waterways and its hemlock trees which create shaded and contemplative forests to walk through. The mystics felt it, and I too have found both my creative and spiritual legs here." I couldn't agree more.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Siolo Thompson / Portrait-a-day

by Siolo Thompson
image via artist

It's really easy to hate on Facebook but then I run across something unexpected and remember that it can be a great tool for discovering things that I might have missed otherwise.

by Siolo Thompson
image via artist

Case in point, artist Siolo Thompson's wonderful Portrait-a-day series. I love (and totally respect) her pragmatic approach.
I am a relentless autodidact and this exercise is an effort to teach myself how to capture a likeness and mood using very few lines. - Siolo Thompson

by Siolo Thompson
image via artist

I love the tree-antler additions. She sweetly explains why she only uses friends as models.
"Each of the people in this gallery have made me feel less alone in the world and I am grateful for that."

by Siolo Thompson
image via artist

You can see more of her work here.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


"This ain't my first rodeo, fellas!", 2011 by Joey Veltkamp
oil and acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

Lots of SOIL members are heading down to Aqua this year. I couldn't swing it financially but we did put together a member book this year with individual profiles on everyone. Matt Offenbacher was kind enough to write my profile. I love it and you can read it in full here.
"Joy—honest, true, hard-won, industrial-strength joy, like you see in the paintings here—is, unmistakably, transfigured melancholy. This is what rainbows symbolize: the distance between disappointment and forgiveness, God’s measure of both human and divine folly." - Matt Offenbacher
I'll be showing some of these paintings in an upcoming NEPO House exhibition (Feb 2012), The Rainbow Connection.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carolee Scneemann / Henry Art Gallery

Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions, 1963/2005 by Carolee Schneemann.
Courtesy the artist and P.P.O.W. Gallery, NY. Photo: Erró.

This Friday, Henry Art Gallery will present Carolee Schneemann: Mysteries of the Iconographies. In this 'performative/lecture', Schneemann will discuss her work and also "...explore the mysteries of a notched stick, paper folds, indentations, the slice of line in space, and her recent photographic grids and objects." The lecture is part of a larger symposium the Henry has organized called Streaming In From The Moon, "...which will explore the complex and controversial themes of feminism, performance, and the body through a series of performances, lectures, public forums, film screenings, and other opportunities for public discourse." This all day event will include lectures, performances, and a film screening.

This exhibition is a huge deal but don't take my word for it, you can read Emily Pothast's thoughts on it over here.

Broke but still want to go? The Henry is looking for volunteers. Find out more here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Morris Louis

Theta, 1961 by Morris Louis
image via

I don't remember my dreams (and haven't for years) but I frequently wake up with persistent thoughts and images. This can be a bad thing like the week last summer where every time I woke up, Kate Perry's Firework was playing in my head. Or it can be a really good thing, like when this beautiful painting by Morris Louis keeps coming popping into my brain. I love it because it's the perfect marriage of rainbows and blankets... Those Color Field artists just blow my mind!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things to do...

by Lauren Klenow (1 of 23)

LxWxH is launching its latest issue, HomeStead (LxWxH xHS), tonight at The Project Room from 7-9pm. This month's box is full of original art by Lauren Kleno
w and Francesca Lohmann, along with an essay by writer Rachel Shimp.

Tomorrow, from 11am - 7pm, INScape is throwing open its door to host an open studio event with over 100 artists. If you haven't checked it out, it's amazing and the studios are fantastic!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blitz / November 2011

There's plenty to see and do tonight!

Feathered Pines by Adam Sorenson
Oil on panel, 25 x 20
image via SAM Gallery

SAM Gallery will present Earth Matters with work from artists Adam Sorenson, Eddy Radar, Ryan Molenkamp, and more.
The idea for curating a show addressing the topic of environmental concerns came when Shaiman was recently viewing a landscape that, albeit aesthetically beautiful, wasn’t exactly an accurate portrayal of present conditions.

“How odd to see a modern landscape that makes no reference to the current state of environmental conditions” she said. “So then I thought, I wonder how other artists are addressing these issues in their work?”

With this is mind, Shaiman went in search of local artists whose work is heavily influenced by our rapidly changing landscape and subsequent climate change. - via SOAP

The Mickey Mao (Mickey Mouse + Chaiman Mao Zedong) by Troy Gua
Acrylic and resin on canvas, 2009, 36 x 36"
image via artist

Over at Joe Bar, Troy Gua presents highlights from his Pop Hybrids series.
‘Pop Hybrids’ are about, among other things, reduction: the reduction of personality into logo, the reduction of individuality into the collective, the reduction of photography into design. They are a subtraction of images: the recycling, re-using and reducing of two or more images into one iconographic collection of shapes.

This mesmeric series of work deals with popular iconography, ironic duality and satirical juxtapositions. By portraying famous and infamous cultural icons inter-layered with one another, these highly lustrous, visually arresting pieces challenge the viewer to decipher the image while making the sardonic, metaphorical and sometimes philosophical connections within. - via Troy Gua
by Zack Bent

Vignettes will be showing Sentimental, new creations by Zack Bent.
“At this point men leap aside, they cannot bear the martyrdom of being uncomprehended, and instead of this they choose conveniently enough the worldly admiration of their proficiency.” - D.W. Burnam
by Grego Rachko

Frame Central will be showing the work of Grego Rachko in their upstairs gallery.

Ansel by Paul Dahlquist

Ghost Gallery will exhibiting Presences, work by Paul Dahlquist.

Presences (a word used by Wendell Berry in his novel “Jayber Crow”) are any specific times, places or subjects that are intensely experienced. Some fine presences are not recorded for posterity, while others only become apparently so upon reflection.
This show will feature portraits of friends, light studies, urban subjects and nudes. These photos emphasize how his work is an inadvertent recording of the people who have shaped the Northwest Art scene for the last 30 years. The painting and drawings from earlier in his career will highlight the fact that although via different mediums, Dahlquist has always been invested in the figure. via Ghost Gallery
Also, don't miss their 6th Annual Mini Holiday Show full of miniature art by over 30 artists, including Siolo Thompson, Cait Wills, Jody Joldersma, and Margot Bird. Don't miss Ryan Molenkamp's mini glaciers - they're gorgeous.

Chicken, 2009 by Ree Brown
image via Vermillion

Vermillion will be opening The Evolution of a Northwest Artist, featuring work by Ree Brown, Byron Randall and Joe Reno.

These three local artists (two still living) have similar overlapping timelines but didn't meet each other at the time. This is a retrospective of how time and place influenced their styles and life decisions/philosophies. - via Vermillion

Anticipation, 2011 by Kathy Liao
mixed media drawing, 80 x 90 in
image via artist

Burk Gallery will be showing Paintings and Works on Paper by Kathy Liao.

True Love Art Gallery presents New Works by Martin Ontiveros & Jonathan Wakuda Fischer.

From meticulously spray-painted, graffiti style Geisha to acid-neon colored creatures from the depths of an artist's mind, join us this month in welcoming these two talented blokes! via True Love Art Gallery
# # #

Also happening tonight...

- Sopheap Pich opening and lecture at Henry Art Gallery

- The Impatient Virgin (Brangien Davis, Jennifer Borges Foster, Kate Lebo) at The Project Room
- I WANT YOU Magazine launch party
- TRIP FANTASTIC #1 release party at Cairo

Monday, November 7, 2011

Logs and blogs

I always find it so interesting (but not surprising) that when I'm present and active, I always have tons of content for the blog. But when I'm distracted by other (non-art) things, it totally dries up. We're in a drought here which is a good indicator that it might be time to put the blankets down and get back out there.

The Jetty by Gretchen Bennett (image via artist)

On a related note, my current distraction is dog-sitting and I've been spending lots of time sitting on a log by the lake throwing a ball for the sweetest chocolate lab. It's such a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view of the mountain; it's slowly become my favorite place in Seattle. But I still think that it could be improved if they'd upgrade to logs by Gretchen Bennett and Jenny Heishman.

Cabin Corners by Jenny Heishman

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artists promoting sleep...

Signs of a Bad Night's Sleep by Andy Arkley & Julie Alpert

What do sleeping pills and art have in common? Daylight savings time is coming to an end this weekend and Nature Made Sleep Aid has created a fun way to celebrate our hibernating season. As part of this campaign, they have invited 3 artists/artist teams to create temporary installations that address sleep.

Andy Arkley & Julie Alpert will have the above installation set up at Victor Steinbrueck Park this Thursday from 9-5. Mike Simi's The Yawn Catcher will be on-hand at U-Village from 9:30-6 today capturing people's yawns. Also tomorrow, just west of Occidental Park, Matamuros (z. bohnenkamp and A. Mong) will present their "Dreamcircle".

I think this is a really idea and I'd love to see more businesses getting this creative!