Tuesday, October 4, 2011

State vs. Pan

D.K. Pan's Universal Artistic License (by Erin Shafkind)

As most of you probably already know, D.K. Pan needs to raise funds to offset his $150,000 legal battle against the state of Washington.
Beginning in 2007, the Seattle Police Department instigated a "domestic terrorism" investigation that targeted our friend, DK Pan, and others from the Seattle community. For DK and others, the investigation resulted in charges of "professional gambling" based on allegedly illegal poker games that were held periodically at several well-attended "speakeasies" where DK and others also staged musical and art performances, art installations, events, and parties. DK Pan has been active in the Seattle arts community for over 15 years as a performer, producer, curator, and installation artist. He is the recent recipient of The Stranger Genius Award for Visual Art for 2011.
Next Thursday, there will be a launch party at FRED Wildlife Refuge from 9pm-1am. More info here. Good luck, D.K.!

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