Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seattle artists around the world...

A few non-local shows by some Seattle artists...

"Untitled (The Beach)," 2009, by Robert Yoder
oil on panel, plexiglass, found papers, 23 x 15 inches

Sharon Butler (of Two Coats of Paint) has put together her inaugural online exhibition, Against the Tide. As the title implies, the show is built around the theme of water and includes a piece by Robert Yoder. There's even a catalogue available for purchase.

Study for Zeus, 2008, by Whiting Tennis
cardboard and spray paint, 15 x 9 inches,
image via Derek Eller Gallery

Whiting Tennis has a solo show at the Tang Museum up through the end of the year. Opener 22 is full of beloved pieces like Mastadon and Blue Tarp along with new work made specifically for the show. I did a studio visit with him back in May as he was preparing for the show.

Catenary Curve Study (Reign in Blood) 2, 2011, by Gretchen Bennett
colored pencils on paper, 22"H x 30"W

Matthew Day Jackson will open up Heel Gezellig at GRIMM Gallery tomorrow
in Amsterdam.
"The exhibition on the Keizersgracht is inspired by Andrew Guenther's first New York solo show in which he invited guest stars to exhibit work within his own exhibition...The artist has invited Larry Bamburg, Sarah E. Wood, Erin Shirreff, Jonathan Marshall, Gretchen Bennett, Andrew Guenther and Adam Helms as well as Kris Kollmer and Maarten Baas. Jackson considers each artist very important, not only to the ideas discussed in the video work, but also as inspiration to his own work in general." via
Export, 2011 by Doug Jeck
clay, concrete, wood and paint 60 x 24 x 64 in.
image by John Taylor

"Early Works" by Doug Jeck opens up next week at Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc.

"Doug Jeck is a Seattle, Washington based artist whose sculptures are influenced by static physicality and historicity, with the human object at the center. His life-like sculptures are an amalgamation of clay, hair, concrete, fur and wood that explore Jeck’s perception of various early historical periods and figures." via

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