Monday, October 24, 2011

The Blanket Series...

Blanket #50

If we're FB friends, you're already aware of my Blanket series. They started about a month ago and now I'm up to over 80 of them. I'm not sure if I've ever been more obsessed with a project. I still haven't figured out what drives me to make multiples (cows, cans of Pabst, owls, ghosts). Maybe it's because making something without a potential mate makes me sad. Everyone needs a friend, even pieces of art.

I have a striped comforter and I love to lay in bed and look at how beautifully the fabric pools. (See, another way to incorporate naps into your artistic practice.) I've had this series in me for a couple of years but didn't want to infringe on Jenny Heishman's beautiful Drape paintings. Now I realize that fabric is everywhere. In fact, after I had made my first few drawings, Amanda Manitach sent me this image from a show she curated and I had to put the series away for a day or two. Not because we were both drawing fabric but because Derek's drawings were so dang good that there wasn't any reason for me to make mine!

In some ways, the Blankets feel like an extension of my Diary Drawing series, where I highlight objects from my daily life. What's more personal than a blanket? We sleep with them, and make love in them. They collect our dreams, our dirt, our tears. We cling to them when we're sick, when we're tired, when we're at our most vulnerable. There's a lot of residual energy there. Even the names we attach, "comforter", "security" blanket, reveal their importance.

Blanket #57 (Star Wars quilt)

My aunt (the one who owned the yarn store in Bozeman) made me this quilt when I was 8 (and obsessed with Star Wars). I've carted it around with me since I've left home and it's one of the only things I kept from my childhood (not even my Star Wars figures made the cut). I pull it out every time I get sick.

Blanket #69 (Ghost: Children of the Sun)

Some of the blankets are actually ghosts. (What's a ghost but a sheet with the eyes cut out and almost all blankets are imbued with spirits of loss.)

Blanket #74 (faux bear fur)

Others are poor disguised self-portraits. I'm not sure where the blankets are going next (maybe as abstracted oil paintings?) but I'm still feeling pretty energized and excited about the project. They're colored pencils on paper, each roughly 8.5 x 11 inches.

I'm currently working on revamping my website so until then, I'm only posting the new ones over at FB. But if you want to see them in person (or buy for $150 each) before then, get in touch.


Unknown said...

these blankets are radical!

Lesley said...

Awesome series! Love it and glad you did't allow yourself to become discouraged by all the fabric work out there. Every artist can put their own spin on any subject!