Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Susie Lee / Swimming the List

image via Susie Lee
"Within a daily routine, we have access to creative spaces which are like fissures in time. This work presents these transitory and interstitial spaces juxtaposed within the span of a day. They are the stolen moments, scraps of paper, waiting in line, and our dozing dreams. As the day progresses, there are two lists generated: One is for the routine obligations where we buy, drive, cook, pay, work, pick up and start over again. The other is for the creative obligations; we observe, extract, mutate, expand, deviate, and linger." via
Finding the time to make art (or whatever your passion is) can be a daily challenge for many of us under the Arts umbrella. There are days when I just can't find time to squeeze it in and I'm single without children. Watching my friends with kids, I simply do not know how they're able to find the time. Susie Lee said that struggle was the spark for this piece.
It started with a conversation with the dancer at the end of 2009, in which she said, "I have two children now, and I don't know if I can find the time and studio practice to generate the material, but I really want to...I love to dance...but maybe I'm just not a dancer anymore..."
For 3 performances only (Fri/Sat eve, Sun matinee), the Susie Lee Ensemble will present a multidisciplinary performance which explores the ideas of artistic privilege, where creativity comes from and the conflict of real life versus the creative life. It will feature music by composer Emily Greenleaf, choregraphy by Ying Zhou and live digital drawings by Keeara Rhoades.

It sounds like it's going to wonderfully inspiring.
Swimming the List
Theatre Off Jackson
Friday/Saturday (Sept 23/24) at 8p
Sunday (Sept 25) at 2pm
Tickets are $12 advance ($15 door)

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