Monday, September 26, 2011

Seacat is here!

cover of Seacat

Seacat, short for Seattle Catalog, is a brand new mail-order catalog for art. Starting as just an idea between Gretchen Bennett, Wynne Greenwood and Matthew Offenbacher back in 2010, Seacat now exists in a physical format.


But it's also more than just a 'zine; Seacat exists as a non-physical gallery (or a gallery with a micro-footprint of only 93.5 unfolded square inches), connecting artists with collectors. Seacat is also a grant (more details), funded with 25% of all catalog sales. The more art that gets purchased, the larger the grant grows.

Inclusions feel thoughtful and there are lots of surprises. Prices range from $10 for the latest issue of ONG ONG (a great local 'zine going back several years) up to $8500 for Andy Fallat's Plate Spinning Machine. Here are the 35 items currently available for sale.


The catalog is on a thin newsprint that reminds me of reading comics as a kid and thumbing through the back pages, looking for cool things to blow my allowance on. And there are lots of things that I want to spend my money on in here! Claude's Beaver, Wynne's Tired Pebbles, Clyde Peterson's Pillowcases, Dawn's Frye Guy flag, Gretchen's Maple Turner, or Matt's video game to start.

Their goal is publish a new catalog 3 times a year. While their tagline might be "This doesn't change everything", it sure seems pretty damn cool.

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