Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saint Genet Presents Transports of Delirium

image via Saint Genet

I ran into Ryan Mitchell, co-founder of Implied Violence, at the Stranger Genius Awards last week. I love hearing him talk about his upcoming projects. When Ryan promises booze, blood, fog, Whip its and shit, he's not kidding around.

His new experimental performance/visual art group Saint Genet, will collaborate with NKO, Olivier Wevers, Jessie Smith, Casey Curran, and Anna Telcs, the Implied Violence Body Politic and members from BOOM! Theater Company to present a series of Aesthetic Declarations.
"This project was developed while in residence in Mighty Tieton and traces both the direct narrative truth of the hysteria surrounding The Manson Trials, Jean Genet's biography, and the last moments of The Jonestown Tragedy. Altered states combat demanding psychological modes of being; cracking the narrative open and revealing the impossible poetic act wherein hysteria resides."

Image via Saint Genet

This Friday, Saint Genet will kick off their initial performance, First Conversion: Aphoria.
"Begins the ritual within the shell of what was once The Lawrimore Project creating ephemeral images that incite impossible poetic actions from exhausted and drug induced performers, slowly creating (re-creating) a sacred space, revealing beautiful and disturbing images of sexual power and abjection stretched to the breaking point of sustainability. These images act as the primary focus of this piece and are supported by musicians and sound engineers Garek Von Druss, Paurl Walsh, Jeff Huston, and Daniel Salo inducing the audience into altered states though subliminal and hypnotic musical scores taken from The People's Temple."
First Conversion: Aphoria
September 23, 2011
Gallery opens at 6pm, performance at 9pm
Former Lawrimore Project
831 Airport Way
18+ only
suggested price of $5-$15
(but no one turned away for non-payment)

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