Friday, September 2, 2011

LxWxH / September-October

Paintings for LxWxH by Brian Cypher

I'm a big fan of LxWxH (and not just because I'm one of the participating artists)--it's because it's a great way to start collecting, especially if you're on a budget. Every other month, there's a brand new box with 2 original pieces of art plus an essay for $130! And everyone gets paid (writers, artists, and founder) - how's that for a new model? But the only way LxWxH can continue is if awesome folks (e.g. you/your friends/your boss/your parents) buy a box. This would be a great one to pick up. And there's a special golden ticket for the next annual subscriber--this piece by Shaun Kardinal.

painting for LxWxH by Allyce Wood

Artist Allyce Wood has made a series of paintings that address the "...extinction of north american megafauna." Allyce has had a great year showing really interesting work at Mad Homes, Catherine Person Gallery, SAM Gallery and more.

Painting for LxWxH by Brian Cypher

Brian Cypher makes beautiful paintings and drawings that are, "... driven by intuitive gestures, culled geometry, and repetitive patterning. You can see all the pieces he made for LxWxH in the top picture.

This edition's essay was written by transcendental guru Emily Pothast; I can't wait to read it.

There will be a launch party for this month's issue next Thursday (Blitz) at Ghost Gallery from 5-8pm.

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