Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jenny Heishman / 2011 Betty Bowen Winner

Cabin Corners, 2010, by Jenny Heishman
image via Adam L. Weintraub
Aluminum, urethane epoxy paint, concrete
H 5'5" W 6' D 6'6" (approximate dimensions for each unit)
Commissioned by Vulcan Real Estate

Hearty congratulations to Jenny Heishman, recipient of SAM's 2011 Betty Bowen Award. Jenny was also a finalist back in 2009 when she received the PONCHO Special Recognition Award. The committee received 529 applicants this year and narrowed that down to the 5 finalists Michael Endo, Jenny Heishman, Lisa Liedgren, Marc Roder, and SuttonBeresCuller.

2gether 4ever, 2007, by Jenny Heishman
H 22" W 22" D 96", image via
Adam L. Weintraub

Polystyrene foam, wiremesh, clayshay, pigments, enamel paint, resin

I believe the first show I saw by Jenny was Complexions back in 2007. I remember thinking the log was awesome (I still do along with the updated steel version she did for Vulcan hanging out in S. Lake Union). And I think I fell in love once I discovered she had done an entire series called, "Dolly Going Through My Mind". Her work takes the natural and tries to make it better, knowing that while it will lose its essence, it gains something new. If plastic flowers hadn't already been invented, Jenny would have invented them.
"Jenny Heishman grew up in Florida surrounded by theme parks, water flumes and golf courses. Nature was mimicked -- much of her world was a reconstruction of some other place's history and landscape.

She writes: "Because we enjoyed year-round warmth, we built the seasonal changes with plastic autumn leaves, artificial snow, and unspoken agreements. This environment taught me how to use objects to create a fabricated reality."" via
Jenny will have a solo show opening Oct 14 at Prole Drift. Also, congratulations to SuttonBeresCuller, recipient of the Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award and Lisa Liedgren, recipient of the PONCHO Special Recognition Award. The Betty Bowen Award Ceremony is happening at SAM on Oct 20 at 6pm.

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