Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Islands by Susanna Bluhm & Cable Griffith

We Got High Hats and Loud Claps in Every Mix, 2011 by Susanna Bluhm

My review of Islands, currently on view at SOIL through, is now up over at New American Paintings Blog. The last day to see the show is October 1st.
For SOIL‘s latest show, Islands, Seattle artists Susanna Bluhm (NAP #53, 67, 91) and Cable Griffith are creating mystical terra firma. Strange, new islands, populated with references to Guston, early video games, and feminism, are all tied together with a unified of palette of blues, greens and grays. Where Griffith is tight and controlled, Bluhm is loose and expansive. I’m quite sure at night, the two shows whisper across the gallery to each other, “You complete me.” - Joey Veltkamp, Seattle Contributor

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