Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Thursday,September 2011

When 1st Thursday also coincides with the 1st day of the month, it's always such a surprise, as if we lost a week somehow.

There are plenty of great shows to see tonight and a few of them are from members of my studio group. It should be a fantastic night for artwalking.

The Watcher, 2009 by Ryan Molenkamp (image via artist)
oil and graphite on panel

Ryan Molenkamp's exhibition The Watcher will be showing at Bryan Ohno gallery (519 South Main Street), near the Panama Hotel.

Aquagraph Rikta (Space), 2011 by Etsuko Ichikawa
Water and soot on drawing paper, 11 x 11, image via Davidson Galleries

Etsuko Ichikawa will be showing a series of her aquagraphs and pyrographs at Davidson Galleries.

"They call it coolness and we call it visibility" (detail), 2011 by Susanna Bluhm
oil on canvas

And I've already mentioned Islands by Susanna Bluhm and Cable Griffith at SOIL.

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