Sunday, August 14, 2011

True Love Art Gallery / Capitol Hill

True Love Art Gallery owners George Long and Boris Hussein
(not pictured, Mike Gilmore / image via Brian Sanchez)

Doing their part to "Keep Capitol Hill weird", my friend Boris Erickson, along with co-owners George Long and Mike Gilmore, have opened a new custom tattoo shop/art gallery called True Love Art Gallery near Pine & Summit.

Cat by Kyle Schuman

The inaugural show RUNNING LOW ON SELF-ESTEEM is a collection of paintings, illustrations and site-specific work by Brian Sanchez and Kyle Schuman. I'm in love with the awesomely weird modified found cat painting by Kyle Schuman. I think it's still available for only $200!

True Love Art Gallery is still figuring out their hours, website and other info so in the meantime, keep up with them on Facebook. Here's a welcome to the neighborhood note from CHS.

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harold hollingsworth said...

thank goodness, I was walking around on the hill the other day and was sad with how normal and suburban it was feeling...