Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Troy Gua

partially Colorbandz'd photo of Troy Gua
image by Hayley Young

Do you remember that vintage cartoon with the mouse thief where everyone exclaimed, "Savoir Faire is everywhere!" Well, replace Savoir Faire with Troy Gua because that guy is everywhere this year!

Troy was one of my first interviews (in 2008) and even back then he was clear about what he wanted.
"Y’know, I just really want to show at a gallery that’s gonna help me achieve my goal, Joey; art world domination, and then rest of the world domination. It’s just that simple." - Troy Gua
He recently received the Seattle Magazine 2011 Spotlight Award.

Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit), 2011 by Troy Gua
shrink wrap plastic, packing tape and vinyl

Troy's Mad Homes piece, Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit) was one of the most widely discussed pieces in the show.

"Father" and "Son", 2011 by Troy Gua
for Bumber by Number

His pieces "Father" and "Son" for the upcoming Bumber by Number show are great. I love how he used his Colorbandz process on only part of the clown faces.

Study for Portrait of Joey Veltkamp As Colorbandz™, 2011 by Troy Gua
image via artist

And then this morning on Facebook, he announced that 15 of his Colorbandz paintings might end up in a movie that's currently shooting in Seattle. Congratulations on a great summer, buddy!

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