Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tonight at Vermillion!

Vermillion will be playing host to 2 out of town artists tonight. Both Matt Cosby (Portland) and James Deitz (Los Angeles) will be in attendance at tonight's opening reception from 6-9pm, as part of Capitol Hill Blitz.

Homestyle Jr., 2011 by Matt Cosby (image via artist)
acrylic and process ink on panel, 19.5 x 48 inches

This is Matt Cosby's Seattle debut so make sure to introduce yourself if you're out and about. I know he'd love to meet some local artists. He'll also be showing at SAM Gallery next month. Here are some photos from his last show in Portland.
"I'm looking for a system, much like a sine wave, a mathematical construct used to predict cycles. Repetition and consistency tend to be my thing, so to intensify the grid, a smooth, repetitive oscillation was my aim in this set of artworks. With principles of math and pattern, I want to describe space and contradiction in a calculated fashion." - Matt Cosby

"Denair, California" by James Deitz
oil on canvas (Image via artist)

Artist James Deitz has shown regionally for the past 25 years, including Francine Seders.
“Put simply, I am most interested in creating works that carry presence. Whether the imagery is narrative, abstract, simple representation, or any combination of these, form and content are given equal consideration. I use traditional materials because they remain the most immediate, most versatile, and the most personal of mediums.” - James Deitz.

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