Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Group activities

This Island, 2011, by
Susanna Bluhm
acrylic and oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches
image via Susanna Bluhm

Last night, my studio group met at Susanna Bluhm's and we got to preview her upcoming show (Islands, with Cable Griffith). OMG - I'm so in love with these (and Susanna's work in general).

At the end of our studio group, we always take a few minutes to talk about the various project we're all working on and I was reminded of all these things I had meant to blog about it.

Etsuko Ichikawa
image via Caroline Palmgren

The Anthropologist ("Supporting the work of inspiring individuals.") commissioned filmmaker Alistair Banks Griffin to create a movie about Etsuko Ichikawa. It's been up for a month now but if you haven't seen it, it's great!

"By tickling Columbine's feet, Pierrot makes her die laughing."
2011, by Amanda Manitach (image via Amanda Manitach)
50 x 38 inches, graphite on paper, 201

Amanda Manitach has been hanging out and drawing in The Project Room this week as part of Mandy Greer's Solstenen. She'll be there today and tomorrow from noon to 5pm. I have no idea if this is still happening but earlier attendees were rewarded with babycakes.

Don't have the credentials to be a 'real' artist? Erin Shakfind to the rescue with the Universal Artistic License - the only piece of paper an artist 'needs' to make work. Erin has temporarily set up her licensing bureau in Occidental Park and is making licenses for anyone who stops by. But today and tomorrow from 11-2 are her last office hours in the park so get on down there if you can!