Monday, August 22, 2011

Prole Drift opens Sept 1

In the good news for Seattle category, Dirk Park's new gallery Prole Drift, is all set to open up Sept 1. (1st Thursday). The main gallery is a 16' cube, with some auxiliary space for flat files and smaller objects.

First up is An Empty Vase, a project by Jenny Heishman and Matthew Offenbacher. The project is patterned after the apartment of Sir John Soane and will include work by Tim Cross, Nicholas Nyland, Gretchen Bennett, Chauney Peck, and Buddy Bunting.
"Our idea is based on thinking of a new gallery as a kind of collection. We have created a structure to enfold, energize, and complicate that collection. It is inspired by the nineteenth-century English architect John Soane's solutions for the compact and dense presentation of his collection of paintings, sculptures, and curios. Within the limited confines of his townhouse, Soane enthusiastically piled object upon object, rooms inside rooms—compelled, we imagine, to fill up the empty space. An art gallery is a kind of void which is ritually filled and emptied. In order to keep the melancholy of this rhythmic cycle at bay, we have made space that aims for enthusiasm rather than mastery."
You can read more about Prole Drift here. Next up is a solo show by Jenny Heishman opening Oct 14.

An Empty Vase, a project by Jenny Heishman and Matthew Offenbacher
Prole Drift / 523 S. Main St.
Opening reception Sept 1, 5-9pm

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harold hollingsworth said...

great to hear, looking forward to seeing this space by Dirk!