Friday, August 19, 2011

Over and Over / Vermillion

"Howl Now", 2010 by Derek Albeck
Graphite on paper, 24 by 20 inches

Do you love obsessive drawing? Then you're going to double-love Vermillion's upcoming exhibition, Over and Over: A Small Survey of Obsessive Drawing. Amanda sent over the press release yesterday and I can't quit thinking about Derek Albeck's work. I'm loving his drawings with rainbows, especially since I've been holed up in my studio this past week making these piles of rainbows.
"Whether visionary, systematic, minimal or playful, the drawings on show at "Over and Over" share a common compulsive thread, created through often repetitive and painstaking processes that speak to a lust for obsessive mark-making, lines, dots, and smudges."
Carbon Traces by Patrick Kelly

The show is full of great work from around the globe by Patrick Kelly (Portland), Derek Albeck (LA), Connie Prantera (London) and Derrick Jefferies (London) plus work by the show co-curators Amanda Manitach and Izzie Klingels (both from Seattle).
Over and Over: A Small Survey of Obsessive Drawing
Vermillion, September 8 - October 8, 2011
Opening reception: September 8, 6-8pm

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harold hollingsworth said...

looks really great, something to see when it opens!